Agriculture,Geography chapter 4 question answer / CBSC Class 8 NOTES

Agriculture,Geography chapter 4 question answer / CBSC Class 8 NOTES



Question 1- what is agriculture? 

Answer- iI agriculture is the primary activity which included growing of crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers and rearing of livestock. It is also known as farming. 

Question 2- name the factors influencing agriculture? 

Answer- iI various factor including agriculture are 

1- favourable topography. 

2- soil 

3- climate 

Question 3- what is swifting cultivation? What are its disadvantages? 

Answer  – shifting cultivation is a type of farming which involves clearing a plot of Land by felling trees, burning them mixing the with soil, and growing crops like maize, potato and cassava etc. 

After the soil losses is fertility, lands is is abundant and cultivator moves to a new plot. It is also slash- and-burn cultivation. 

– deforestation. 

– the land losses its fertility. 

– e soil erosion. 

– small petches of cultivation which is is insufficient for feeding a large population. 

Question 4- what is the plantation agriculture? 

Answer- plantation agriculture is a type of commercial farming where are single crop of tea, coffee, sugar cane, banana and cotton is grown. Large Amount of labour is required. 

Question 5- name the fibre crop and name the climatic conditions required for their growth? 


Jute- it is also known as golden fibre. It require high temperature more than 25 degree Celsius heavy rainfall, warm and humid climate. 

Cotton- it requires high temperature around 30-  40 degree Celsius, low rainfall and most importantly 210 frost- free days and bright sunshine. 

Question 6- in India Agriculture is a primary activity? 

Answer- two third of India’s population in in dependent upon agriculture. So in India Agriculture primary activity. 

Question 7- why different crop are grown in different reason ? 

Answer- different crop are grown in different reason because growing of Crop depends upon the the geographical condition. Demand of produce, labour and level of technology. Favourable topography of soil, climate are are different so different crop are grown in different region.