Stars And Solar System/ CBSC Class 8 Questions – Answers NOTES

 Stars And Solar System/ CBSC Class 8 Questions – Answers NOTES


Question 1- what is one light year ? 

Answer- the distance travelled by light in one year is called light year. 

Question 2- name of two outer planet of our solar system 

Answer jupiter and Saturn 

Question 3-  what is the mat meteoroid? 

Answer- sometime a meteoroid does not fully one up and it hits the earth surface. As a solid piece. This is called a meteoroid. 

Question 4- what are artificial satellite? 

Answer- man has sent many satellites into space. These are called artificial satellites. First artificial satellite. Sputnik 1 was sent by the former USSR on October 4, 1957. India sent her first satellite aryabhatt into space on March 19 1975. 

Question 5- explain why the the celestial bodies appear to move from east to west across the sky when viewed from the Earth? 

Answer- celestial bodies appear from east to west because Earth to move spins on its Axis from west to east. 

Question 6- name the three distinct category into which the object of the solar system are placed? 

Answer- according to the new definition. There are eight planet in the solar system. In the order of saturn, uranus, neptune, pluto and ceres are placed under the category of dwarf planets. 

Question 7- write down any three differences between the inner planet and the outer planet of the solar system? 


Answer-  -Inner planet- 

1- they are closer to the sun as compared to the other planet. 

2- they are smaller in size. 

3- they are very dense mostly of Rock. 

– outer planet- 

1- they are much farther away from the sun as compared to the inner planets. 

2- they are very large in size. 

3- they are very light and are made of mostly of gases. 

Question 8- write a short note on comets? 

Answer- these are small chunks of ice and just that resolved around the sun. They have oval orbit and spent most of their time for away from Sun. Comets can be e seen from the Earth when they come close to the sun. One of the best known is the Halley’s comet. Halley’s e comet comes close to the sun once every 76 years. 

Question 9- different between matter, meteoroids and meteorites? 

Answer- meteoroids are smaller the comets. They are mainly chunks of Rock. Maybe fragments of comets or shelter as teroids. When the the Earth orbit crosses the part of a meteoroids, it falls through the earth atmosphere. As it falls through the earth atmosphere, it burns up as a result of the the atmosphere heat generated. This make a struck off light it, which is called a matter or shooting star. 1 hour clear night, we can see many matters in a hour. Most of the meteoroids fully burn up before the lower atmosphere. However sometime a a meteoroids does not only one up and hits the Earth surface as a solid piece. This is called a meteorites. A meteorites can cause a creator on the earth surface. 

Question 10- give five uses of artificial satellites? 

Answer- satellites are used for many purposes including conducting scientific experiment ,studying star, galaxy , weather forecasting, telecommunication and television broadcasting navigation of ships and aeroplanes making natural resource like Minerals and forest and for different purpose.