Metals and non-metals / CBSC Class 8 NOTES

 Metals and non-metals/CBSC Class 8 NOTES        PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF METALS AND NON-METALS   Physical Properties Include Physical State , Lustre , Colour , Hardness , Mallealibity , Ductility , Thermal Conductivity , Eletrical Conductivity ,and Sonority. PHYSICAL STATE   PHYSICAL STATE MEANS METALS AND NON-METALS ARE SOLID   AT ROOM TEMPERATURE . METALS –   Amost All metals … Read more

Displacement reaction examples/CBSC Class 8 NOTES

Displacement reaction examples   CHEMICAL  PROPERTIES  OF  METALS AND NON-METALS Chemical properties of and non-metals are divided into five categories : REACTION WITH OXYGEN, REACTION WITH WATER, REACTION WITH ACIDS, REACTION WITH BASES, and DISPLACEMENT REACTION .   ●REACTION WITH OXYGEN    ◆METALS=Most metals combine with oxygen to form metal oxides.   METALS + OXYGEN = METAL OXIDE.      •sodium … Read more

Agriculture,Geography chapter 4 question answer / CBSC Class 8 NOTES

Agriculture,Geography chapter 4 question answer / CBSC Class 8 NOTES     Question 1- what is agriculture?  Answer- iI agriculture is the primary activity which included growing of crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers and rearing of livestock. It is also known as farming.  Question 2- name the factors influencing agriculture?  Answer- iI various factor including agriculture … Read more

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